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About Us
Wholistic Transformation International (WTI) serves the wholeness of a person’s body, soul, and spirit. WTI was founded and registered with the State of Indiana in October 2013 and started operation in 2014. Our main objective is the mentorship of at-risk children in the US, and sponsorship of orphans in Africa, and other nations. The founder of the organization, Solomon Yadessa (PhD) with theological background, has previous lived experience working with destitute and orphan children in Africa, Ethiopia. Having his graduate degree level research on wholistic transformation, and getting more understanding of the need for a wholistic approach to tackle problems caused by poverty, social, and political problems in those countries, he generated the notion of a wholistic transformation approach that addresses those needs.

Since its inception, the organization has been serving many needy children in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya. The organization also provides mentorship to at-risk children in the US.

Vision Statement

We envision societies in which people’s lives are transformed, and brought to wholeness physically, spiritually, emotionally, environmentally, and mentally.

Mission Statement

The Wholistic Transformation International is dedicated to promoting wholeness of life among at-risk children and families (spiritual, physical, educational, environmental, and social) by linking them with local spiritual leaders, and stakeholders. We do this by providing sponsorship to enable them to lead their life spiritually and financially and to facilitate a positive life in society. Therefore, we aim to foster productive youth-age who later will contribute to the transformation of their life and to society at large.

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Our international charity sustainable development model equips families with the tools and skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.


Get involved with our Emergency Services. We work with IDPs, War victims, Drought can too.

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You can contribute to a range of work that helps children and families around the world – including projects focused on water, livelihoods, child protection, education, health, and emergencies.

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Your support will unwrap brighter futures for children and families.


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You can contribute your time, skills, knowledge through volunteering.

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We believe in a world where everyone deserves equal opportunity where everyone can live a healthier and longer life. So, join our donors family!


The organization is led by a Board of Directors that consists of the president and founder, Vice president and one Board member.

Solomon Yadessa (PhD)

President, and Founder

Mr. Todd Webster

Vice President

Zelalem Lome DHA

Board member

Jen Funero


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