WTI operates transformational programs in different countries outside the USA. Currently, we have three project operations in Ethiopia, one in Kenya, and one in Rwanda. To view the details of the respective projects, click on each country programs shown below.

Ethiopia Project

Currently, we have three projects in Ethiopia, which are situated in Eastern Africa. Ethiopia is the second largest populated country in Africa. On top of the economic hardship that the country had been faced with for the last many decades, the recent political and conflict situations make the country a place where children and women are in dire need of social services. We are operating the following projects in Ethiopia now

Kenya Project

Kenya is located in the Eastern Africa. The program was started in December 2021 with the support of 10 children in Marsabit County. The children were recruited from five different ethnic groups in the area that used to be in conflict many times.

Rwanda Project

Rwanda is one of the countries in East Central Africa, nicknamed, the heart of Africa. The country is still recovering from the genocide that devastated the nation two decades ago. Though the nation has done a lot in overcoming the power of poverty, the number of orphaned children is still high.


Because of you They have hope.

You can do a lot with the little you have.

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