Consider creating a legacy

Act - so transformation can happen here in your city and beyond

Bequests – designate Wholistic Transformation International /WTI/as a beneficiary in your will or trust

Charitable gift annuities - Receive guaranteed payments for life and help Wholistic Transformation International

Donate - Computers, medical equipment, stocks and investments to Wholistic Transformation and avoid losing a portion to capital gains taxes

Real Estate - support Wholistic Transformation International through a gift of real estate

Farm commodities - donate grain or livestock or farm equipment to Wholistic Transformation International and reduce taxes. Any farm product or equipment can be utilized or sold to support WTI

Closely held business interests - donate non-voting share of your C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, or Limited Partnerships and leverage tax savings to help WTI

Life Insurance - an affordable way to give more than you may have thought possible (This information is for preliminary guidance only. Please consult with your financial advisor, attorney, or accountant)