Sponsorship of orphans in Africa, Ethiopia

This part of Wholistic Transformation service is to bring hope and tangible support to orphaned children in Africa starting from Ethiopia. The service aims to involve the orphans and their communities, churches and government bodies in providing the physical, emotional, social, academic and economic transformation. WTI empowers and supports the communities and churches so that they will contribute what they can and the rest to be taken care of through the sponsorship funds from elsewhere.

You can participate in this service for transformational work through several ways. The most and effective way is your direct relationship and sponsorship with the orphans. Your direct involvement and relationship with the orphans creates emotional healing and helps develop transparency. The orphans you are related to will feel there is somebody for them and their community will feel they are not alone in caring for them. You can sign up to sponsor a child using the form shown below and someone from our office will contact you and send you a welcome packet. As a sponsor, you will commit to do three things.

1. Pray: praying for the child you sponsor is very important in relating to the child through Christ who can bring the needed change in their lives. The packet you receive will give you detailed information about the child and their circumstances, family of origin, location, country, and vital tools needed in helping the transformation of the child. It will give you information as to how you will remain connected with the child.

2. Act/Support: Make a monthly financial support through Wholistic Transformation International. Once you fill out the sponsorship form and send to us, you will receive information about the child you sponsor. The cost for a child sponsorship is $48/month. Your funds will enable us to secure provision for the child and empowerment of the community, as well as raising fund for other kids. It will also make sure the child will have a secured future with the monthly savings from the support. It will also provide administration costs.

3. Write: Using the contact info of the child you sponsor, write the child periodically to encourage and comfort. Tell the child that she is not alone and that you are proud of her achievement in school and hope she will grow with love and confidence. We encourage at least a yearly contact with the child you sponsor.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out the form below, tell us about yourself, and choose a boy or a girl living in the rural or urban Ethiopia. After we receive your request, someone will get in touch with you shortly.

If you want to support us, please fill out the following form and submit for follow up.

The Wholistic Transformation International is dedicated to providing wholistic education through mentorship, formal (academic) and informal (purpose or skills oriented short term training) educational opportunities that address wholeness of life (spiritual, physical, educational, environmental and social) in order to transform participants and enable them to become agents of transformation. The agency strives to sponsor orphans in Africa and mentors youngsters in the US.